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Our engineers have put together lots of interview rooms, and we have a complete room kit that's right for you. You can choose a single camera kit for overall room recording, or a dual camera kit with Picture-in-Picture (PiP), to let you have the overall room view with a closeup of your subject. You can also choose between an overt or covert installation, with covert cameras available in an assortment of concealments to meet your particular needs. All kits include 2 high quality microphones for clear stereo audio. 


All of our turnkey Interview Room Recording System kits come with every necessary cable and accessory to ensure your success, and include a planning guide to help you with camera and microphone placement.

R-Kit-01 Single Camera Kit



Our R-Kit-01 Interview Room Recording Systems include a single high resolution camera with a wide angle lens best for getting an overall picture of your interview room.  This solution is best if you want to see everyone in the room, but are not particularly interested in seeing the subject's face up close.  Alternatively, the single camera can be equipped with a tighter lens and aimed to show the subject's face closer up, excluding much of the rest of the room.


Cameras are available in either overt or covert configurations.

R-Kit-02  Dual Camera PiP Kit



Our R-Kit-02 Turnkey Interview Room Recording Systems include 2 high resolution cameras and a Picture-in-Picture processor. One camera comes with a wide angle lens for a good overall room view, and one comes with a slightly tighter field of view that can be aimed to show an enlarged view of the subject's face.  This kit is our more popular configuration due to its ability to capture facial expression details while also recording overall room activity.


Please contact us for available camera concealment options.

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