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About Us

Our 25th year of Serving Law Enforcement

Recall Technologies has been serving the Law Enforcement community with simple and reliable Audio and Video evidence recording solutions since 1994.  We haven't been around this long without making a lot of users very happy along the way. Our solutions have helped hundreds of agencies at all levels make thousands of convictions.


Our beginnings in telephone surveillance and audio recording laid the foundations for excellent audio quality, even before we started recording video.  In the Interview recording mission, quality audio is paramount.  Along with great video, you can count on Recall Technologies to provide the absolute best in quality audio recordings.



Reliable Evidence Made Simple™

We know that your life as an investigator is complicated enough these days without having to become an expert on some piece of equipment that was supposed to ‘make your job easier’.   That’s why Recall Technologies has been the leader in simplifying digital recording technology specifically for Law Enforcement for all these years.  Our ‘cop friendly’ equipment and software are in use every day by hundreds of US agencies from local police departments to major state and federal agencies. 


We believe that training classes or even user’s manuals should never be necessary for you to successfully get the evidence you need.  Our equipment has a great set of solid, simple features, and aren’t laden with the excessive ‘gadgets’ that over-complicate most technical things these days, so you can walk right up and do a successful interview the very first time.  We’ve taken this one step further by engineering complete Interview Room Recording System kits that simplify the ordering process too, by letting you get everything you need in just 2 line items!  



We Partner with You

Since day one our business model has been to establish partnerships with key customers to understand your needs, then to apply our engineering expertise and experience to design the perfect solution for those needs.  Solutions that will ensure that even an untrained officer or agent will achieve success the first time, and every time thereafter.   Throughout the life of our products, we continuously dialog with our users to stay current on your specific needs, and add carefully thought out features to our products accordingly.



Designed, Built, and Supported in the US

Recall Technologies is a US company headquartered on Florida’s high-tech Space Coast.  We designed PerfectVision InterroGator here in Florida (hence Gator), and we continue to produce and support our products right here at home. 

With equipment as reliable as ours, we seldom hear from most of our users.  But you can rest assured that we are always just a phone call away if you do happen to need support (or want to buy more gear)!  

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Recall Technologies, Inc.

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