Worry Free

Interview Recording


Intuitive Simplicity


Proven Reliablility


Worry about the Interview, not the recording.


It’s 1:45 AM. You have just brought in a suspect for questioning in connection with a shooting/homicide earlier tonight. This guy’s been here before, and you know he’s bad news.   You lock him into the interrogation room while you let your adrenaline settle and give him a chance to sweat. This interrogation will not be easy, but you are pretty sure you can get this guy to talk. You step into the monitoring room and start the recorder. All you need to do now is get the confession, and you can nail this scumbag once and for all.


4:17 AM. You’ve finally worn him down and he cracks – he re-enacts how he shot his girlfriend after a heated argument. You press the button on the remote control in your pocket to mark this point on your video as he goes on to describe the canal location where he dumped the gun.  Another 25 minutes of questioning to solidify all the details, and he’s turned over for processing into holding. You end the session, and a few minutes later the disks are done and sealed into evidence. Shift is over, time to get home and sleep – you know you have the evidence for a conviction and one less really bad guy to worry about. Tomorrow when you review the interrogation, you will start right at the point of the confession that you marked in the recording. 


The recorder is Recall Technologies’ PerfectVision Interrogator™. It is simple to use, and it just works. You know you can rely on it to get the evidence every time.