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High Definition Interview Recorders

Interview Room Recording Systems. Interrogation Recording Systems

Sharp HD Video with
Crisp Stereo Audio 
that Gets Convictions



Designed to ensure your success, InterroGator is easy to set up and intuitive to use. Our simple approach to operations virtually eliminates user error, the number one cause of lost evidentiary recordings. And because InterroGator is built from the highest quality components, you can rely on it to faithfully produce your evidentiary record every time.

Complete Solutions



Ultimately, you have come to us because you have a problem to solve. And buying the right piece of equipment is only part of the solution. We configure complete Interview Room Recording Systems that include recorders, cameras, microphones, cabling, and all other accessories necessary for your success.

About Us



Recall Technologies has been providing simple, 'cop friendly' solutions to Law Enforcement for over 20 years. We haven't been around this long without making a lot of agencies happy along the way. Our solutions have helped hundreds of agencies at all levels make thousands of convictions.

Our Users are Saying:

"We used to have a whole stack of equipment that included a DVR, a DVD Recorder, a Time Stamp Generator, and a DVD Duplicator, along with multiple remote controls. It was so complicated to use, and we messed it up so often that all of our investigators carried a digital audio recorder in their pocket into each interview, just in case. Since we installed our InterroGator interview room recording systems in our two interview rooms, everyone can operate the simple touch screen controls, and our worries over whether or not we will get the recording have simply vanished. It's so simple, even the supervisor can use it!"     Det. M. M.  (Small Municipal PD)


"After  buying a few Interrogator systems at a time over the last 6 or 7 years, we finally just purchased InterroGators for all 50 of our field offices. These systems have not only been reliable, but we almost never have a user issue with literally hundreds of officers throughout our many offices. The simplicity of the units and the quality of the recordings keep us coming back for more."   Lt. S. K.  (Large County Sheriff Office)


"Our agency owns more than a dozen Interrogator systems which we move around the state to conduct interviews in portable locations. We had Recall Technologies configure these systems in 'Pelican' cases especially for our portable needs. The systems are now almost two years old and are working flawlessly, and have held up extremely well given their rigorous use. They are a staple item in our investigative toolkits."  Investigator L. M. (State AG Office)


"On the rare occasion when we've needed to talk to someone at Recall, they have always answered the phone and been able to get us straightened out immediately. They always treat us with respect and professionalism no matter what the issue is. We really do think of them as partners in our success."  Special Agent R. T.  (State Investigative Agency)


"We just upgraded our original iGator systems to the new HD versions.  Installation was simple, and operation is almost exactly the same as the old equipment so we didn't have to learn anything new.  Our officers and detectives hardly noticed that they were using new units - that is until they saw the awesome looking high definition video!"   Det. T. R.  (Large Metropolitan PD)

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